About Todai to Texas

Todai to Texas is a project to bring startups from The University of Tokyo, a.k.a. Todai, to SXSW. Selection takes place at two demo days; summer and autumn.

Past Teams

Since 2014

Demo Day

– TTT2018 Demo Day: September, 2016 (To be announced soon)

Session #1: Pitch Session
Duration of each presentation: 5mins. (There is no time for Q&A. Questions will be asked in Demo Session)
Language: English

Session #2: Demo Session
Simple exhibition will take place. Each team needs to demonstrate their current product or prototype.
Language: Japanese or English


SXSW 2018 Trade Show(2018年3月上旬に米国テキサス州オースティンにて開催)の出展スペース、3名分(予定)の渡航費・現地宿泊場所・入場パス。
※ 詳細はデモデー実施までに変更になる可能性がございます。最新の情報を当サイトにて改めてご確認ください。


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