About Todai to Texas

Todai to Texas is a project to bring startups from The University of Tokyo, a.k.a. Todai, to SXSW. Selection takes place at two demo days; summer and autumn.

Past Teams

Since 2014

Demo Day

– Summer: Sat 10th September, 2016
– Autumn: Wed 23rd November, 2016

Session #1: Pitch Session
Duration of each presentation: 5mins. (There is no time for Q&A. Questions will be asked in Demo Session)
Language: English

Session #2: Demo Session
Simple exhibition will take place. Each team needs to demonstrate their current product or prototype.
Language: Japanese or English

2 teams will be selected based on the criteria below.
1. Prototype quality
2. Potential
3. Team
4. SXSWness


The chance to hold an exhibition booth at the SXSW 2017 Trade Show.
Flight tickets, accommodation and entrance passes for 3 people.
* Details are subject to change


Application for Autumn Demo Day is now available

The application for TTT 2017 Autumn Demo Day is open!


– Your team should have at least one student / graduate of The University of Tokyo
* Q: Our team is not a company. Can we apply? A: YES!! You don’t need a legal corporation entity. Any organization like a project team is perfectly welcomed.
* Q: Our team doesn’t have any current UT student. We all have graduated from universities and now we are working for different companies. Can we apply? A: YES!!

Apply now from the form below.
* If there are many applications, we might have pre-screening.

Deadline: Nov 9, 2016 23:59 JST