2016 Teams

Exhibited in SXSW Trade Show (Mar 13 - 16, 2016)

About Todai to Texas

Todai to Texas is a project to bring startups from The University of Tokyo, a.k.a. Todai, to SXSW. Selection takes place at two demo days; summer and autumn.

Past Teams

Since 2014

Demo Day

– Summer: Sat 10th September, 2016
– Autumn: October, 2016 (TBD)

Duration of each presentation: 5mins. (Demo), 5 mins. (Q&A)
Language: English
Judges: To be announced soon
Criteria for screening: To be announced soon


The chance to hold an exhibition booth at the SXSW 2017 Trade Show.
Flight tickets, accommodation and entrance passes for 2 people.
* Details are subject to change


Application for Autumn Demo Day is soon to be available

The application for TTT 2017 Autumn Demo Day will be open soon.


– Your team should have at least one student / graduate of The University of Tokyo
* Q: Our team is not a company. Can we apply? A: YES!! You don’t need a legal corporation entity. Any organization like a project team is perfectly welcomed.
* Q: Our team doesn’t have any current UT student. We all have graduated from universities and now we are working for different companies. Can we apply? A: YES!!

Apply now from the form below.
* If there are many applications, we might have pre-screening.

Application form is soon to be available. Stay tuned!